The Good Trouble Company


Grace Migliaccio, CEO of Pipeline Human Capital and Elaine Page, most recently Chief People Innovation Officer for Northwell Health, have launched a provocative new business aimed at changing the way people work together to achieve extraordinary business results.

New York, NY, January 3, 2019/PRNewswire/ – Grace Migliaccio, formerly CEO of Pipeline Human Capital, and Elaine Page, formerly Chief Innovation Officer at Northwell Health, are excited to announce that they have formed a new entity aimed at achieving extraordinary results through positive disruption in organizations looking to grow and transform for good. Their new firm is called “The Good Trouble Company.”

Page says, “I know first-hand the challenge of organizations facing ambitious growth plans yet daunting cultural and people-centered obstacles that make those plans fraught with pitfalls and roadblocks. Lots of meaningful dialogues about the need for change. And well intended leaders who think they are in touch with what the organization needs to grow. The truth is too little real, actionable and sustainable change occurs.”  Page goes on to say, “As a longtime leader inside fast-growing and complex organizations, I knew that many of my former colleagues in the C-suite were tired of the same old ‘consultants’ offering plenty of advice and very little else to realize true change.  I know I was. I founded The Good Trouble Company with Grace to have what I wanted myself in a partner:  experts who could not only execute my vision, but who would actually stick around to manage the change itself and prepare great leaders who work in a great culture.”

“That’s how Good Trouble was created,” Migliaccio adds, “Good trouble is the kind you have when you’re creating something great, something special – and when extra care and effort is required. Good trouble is needed if the old way of thinking and doing won’t work. We are interested in enabling organizations to achieve extraordinary change and growth in ways that aren’t usually possible from the inside alone. We are known for speaking the truth to each of our trusted client partners and devising answers to problems when a cookie-cutter solution won’t do. Our approach is unique to each organization. Yes, we have a wide range of practical, proven, business-oriented solutions for organizations who are ready for real change. But at the end of the day our job is to accelerate growth, build high performance culture, create capable leaders and build processes to sustain the changes for the long haul.”