The Good Trouble Company

The Name is Trouble, Good Trouble

The truth is, we’re excited to FINALLY be sharing the news with the world that we have formed a company focused solely on the honest, healthy and vibrant growth of great companies through culture, leadership and the processes to sustain all the above. The first question you may have, if reaction so far is any indication, is “Why ‘The Good Trouble Company?’ What does that name mean?”

We’re glad you asked! In fact, that wasn’t our first choice. We named ourselves Sky Unlimited Global. And we liked it.  But it didn’t get a good reaction – early reactors said it sounded like we were in the airline business, or cable broadcasting. Not what we were going for at all!

So we turned to the [online] experts: there are hundreds of articles out there on naming your company.  Lists of things to do, say and remember when picking one of the most important aspects of our new business – its name.  But since we aren’t always good rule or list followers, we decided we wanted our name to convey who we actually are, what we believe in doing to add value.  Most importantly, our name should evoke a feeling of action, perhaps even disruption to the status quo, which sadly does not happen often enough in business today. 

After years in corporate life, we’ve seen first-hand how the world of work really works. We felt passionately we wanted to be a kind of antidote to everything that can be political, complacent and maybe even phony. You know, those pesky behaviors that rear their ugly heads when good people disengage, check out, or take the safe road. 

The Wall Street Journal said, “businesses face the challenge of creating names that carry meaning, are memorable and aren’t ’alphabet soup.’”  Which brings us to the story of why “Good Trouble.”

It is derived from a story told by American civil rights hero, John Lewis. Discouraged by his mother from causing trouble or “getting in the way,” Lewis was instead inspired to do both. Working alongside the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Lewis’ career of activism, now as Congressman, reflects the very history of civil rights in the U.S. over his lifetime. ““We have a moral obligation to stand up, speak up,” Lewis said during his opening remarks at the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Awards ceremony in Washington, D.C. recently.

We take our inspiration from Rep Lewis, believing that causing “good trouble” is to speak up peacefully, yet forcefully, to never settle for things as they are, to always want more, to be more than they thought they could be, to challenge the status quo and be the voice when needed to identify and make change.

Now you know where the name “good trouble” comes from – our desire to never settle but to push for better, more, what could be possible. We realized that when you work inside a company as we have, it is tricky to cause good trouble for a living from inside.  So we decided to form a company that excels at ascertaining and speaking the truth, finding, or creating, the solution, and building great workplaces.  Rather than trying to cover that fact up with a name that sounded grandiose, corporate or god forbid, boring, we decided to just be real about what we do, and who we are when you hire us.  We are The Good Trouble Company.

We promise to always tell you the truth, even when it’s hard to hear. Because that’s when real change and impact can happen. After all, extraordinary things don’t happen in the comfort zone, do they?

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