The Good Trouble Company


Examples of latest projects

Develop great people leaders
Designed Leadership Foundations Program for well-known global data security solutions company, delivering to 150 people leaders around the world in 2018, with future phases to grow leaders in 2019 and beyond.
Engage new employees
Designed a new Employee Orientation Program that is unified, branded and created to inspire and engage new employees in the company mission from Day 1. The new program, Embark Together, is an experience that strives to makes every new hire believe they have made the best career decision of their lives to join this organization.
Just-in-time recruiting process support
Completed several “surge recruiting” projects with our team of sourcers and recruiters to high growth organizations in order to meet immediate, but temporary, talent acquisition demands.
Leadership coaching
Our coaching practice routinely provides one-on-one leadership coaching for high potential leaders and leaders in transition. As an example, In 2018, we coached 10 top leaders in one of the nation’s fastest growing e-commerce retailers.
Produce game-changing experiences
We created a strategic, two day team-building session for a new CEO to re-set team expectations and drive healthier and more positive dynamics with his executive leaders, setting the stage for needed change and transformation in the months to come.
Grow leadership capability
We use our proprietary assessment methodology to help organizations make smart development investments and build a bench of talent for growth. Recently completed a series of talent assessments for a growing technology company, resulting in immediate, clearly defined development plans for each executive team member.
Build extraordinary cultures that perform and stand the test of time
We helped lead a $12B healthcare organization, created through multiple acquisitions, to reimagine its own culture around a unified mission and values statement as articulated by its own employees. The result galvanized disparate sites and silos into one, all maniacally focused on a singular mission. Engagement scores skyrocketed from low 20%tile to 85%tile. 

…”Elaine challenges the status quo in almost everything she does, and she does it in such a way that it's contagious beyond the confines of her direct team. She doesn't settle, she sparks imagination. She doesn't dictate, she leads by example. And she doesn't just get the job done, she gets it done well.”

Elizabeth Jones, SVP, The Michael Alan Group

…”I can undoubtedly say that in my entire career I have encountered few leaders that are as extraordinary as Elaine. Her passion for culture, visionary intellect, ability to inspire and execute, allow her to enjoy great success – and she has the results to prove it. Under her leadership, Northwell Health, the largest employer in New York State, achieved the 85th percentile rank nationally in employee engagement. That’s unparalleled!”

Sven Gierlinger, Chief Experience Officer, Northwell Health

…”I was amazed by her strategic and engagement skills. She knows how to get the best of employees and keep their motivation at the highest possible level. Every interaction I had with her were a great pleasure and she was always receptive to new ideas on how to nurture talents and improve employee’s engagement. Human Resources are often considered as a pay slip and administration tasks-only function; Grace approaches it from a human perspective and always tries to look at ways to increase employee retention rates, working conditions and allow employees to stand up for themselves.”

Antoine Grillion, Serena House

…”With her sharp wits and innate attention to our organization's needs, Grace is able to envision, articulate and then execute strategies that really work. We've been so fortunate to have her as a partner. Highly recommend her for all facets of talent, HR and culture building.”

Ally Bunin, SVP Employee Practice, MSL Group

…”When I heard that Grace and Elaine were teaming up to form a new company, I immediately thought, “wow, these two powerhouses are going to change the game. Natural born leaders, with an affinity for causing, as they like to say, good trouble, you will quickly come to understand why their collective experiences, skillsets and dynamic synergy can make a difference for your own leadership and change the way you approach your business. Run, don’t walk to sign these two up…before your competition does. You won’t regret it. In fact, you’ll wonder how you ever did without a little good trouble in your life!”.

Alan Murray, President and CEO, Empire Blue Cross (An Anthem Company)